Complex system structure of the Zürich Electricity Works (Elektrizitätswerke Zürich)


The three existing management systems had not been ideally aligned and showed a lot of error potential. We developed a uniform document system with a tailored SAP interface.

The way to do it: a clever simplification of complex system structures


Zurich Electricity Works (Elektrizitätswerke Zürich)


Output position

Zurich Electricity Works uses a system landscape consisting of a total of three software solutions to manage its flowcharts and technical locations.

The concrete problem was that the two main systems and the SAP system did not communicate ideally with each other.

The interface problems were shown, for example, in the faulty transmission of the data entered. Data sometimes had to be inserted individually into all of the systems in use.

Our solution

We developed a uniform system landscape taking into account all customers’ needs and requests. Our software ADAM serves as an administration solution for the technical locations while considering the flow diagrams and single-line circuit diagrams.
In addition, we developed an SAP interface especially for the customer for the first time, enabling automatic synchronization of all data between the document management system and SAP.

Advantages for the client

As a result, Zurich Electricity Works has a uniform, modern and fast data management without any interface problems and time-consuming follow-up maintenance.

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