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The plant designation system AKZ is a predecessor system for identifying plants, systems, sub-systems, and equipment items for plant operating companies. The implementation of AKZ is formalized by commonly known regulations. The AKZ system is now no longer developed and maintained as a designation system.
Circuit diagrams are used to show the flow of electricity through a circuit. They can be used to show how a circuit works. Read more about it now.
What exactly does flow diagram mean? What types are there? And who exactly is it aimed at? Read our article and learn more about flow diagram.


The Identification System for Power Stations (KKS) is a system for identifying plants, systems, subsystems, equipment items, electrical and I&C cabinets, as well as buildings and rooms, depending on the perspective of the power plant operators. The application of this identification system is specified and regulated by the guidelines of VGB PowerTech e.V. The KKS system also forms the basis for reliable plant documentation
A modern industrial plant is a very complex structure of interacting systems. Within this structure numerous kinds of processes have to be controlled and coordinated. Hereby, it is humans that act as the most important linking element. It is only humans that are able to make the right decisions for successful process handling based on their knowledge and experience.
Reference designation is a highly modern, future-oriented method of plant classification. The Reference Designation System for Power Plants (RDS-PP) provides the basis for object-oriented identification of the individual plant components with any number of relations with other objects.