Document management systems (DMS) for plants and companies

How a DMS improves the productivity of your company

A modern document management system makes it possible to increase efficiency and productivity in your company. The areas of application range from accounting and personnel management to production or asset management. The Menger Group has compiled valuable information on the subject of document management to make it easier for you to choose the right document management software.

Digital document management manages all documents in the company

In a document management system (DMS), all documents that arise in your company are recorded centrally and managed and archived in digital form. Whether it is a contract with a supplier, an invoice or order, a personnel file, CAD designs, operating instructions, manuals or something else, each document is indexed and filed in the DMS with suitable keywords so that it can then be searched for and found with as little effort as possible.

It is particularly advantageous if the DMS is used in all departments of a company – from accounting to development to production. This is because all work processes can only be optimised if all employees have access to the information relevant to them at all times: Delays, for example due to a lengthy search for a specific document in the archive, are eliminated. And the quality of the work carried out also increases, because your employees can look up the relevant documents directly in the event of uncertainties or queries, for example. Automatic versioning and archiving also ensures that the latest version of all documents is always available and that all changes can be traced at any time. Errors are thus avoided from the outset, work is completed more quickly and the entire company becomes more productive.

You can find out more about digital document management and the advantages it offers for industrial companies and energy producers in particular in the glossary article <a href=””>”Document management: What is it?”</a>.

We help you to find the right DMS for your company

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The Menger Group has developed a document management system that is customised to the specific requirements of industrial and power generation companies. At the same time, our DMS can be adapted precisely to the individual needs of your company, for example through flexible integration into your company’s own labelling system for plant and machinery and suitable interfaces to the most common CAD, ERP or CRM programmes. Are you interested in a modern document management system that suits your company? Then get in touch with us!

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