Offshore wind park of EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg)


In order to ensure a smooth start to this wind park and to guarantee flawless maintenance and repair in the future, we carried out the complete structuring and classification of the wind turbine documentation.

Goal: A structured and standardized document management system


EnBW Wind (Energy Baden-Württemberg)


Output position

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg was on the verge of commissioning a new offshore wind park.

The following problem arose: The documents provided by the turbine supplier contained 90,000 non-sorted files, including circuit diagrams, operating instructions and data sheets.

A lack of structure made it very difficult to find documents quickly and in a targeted manner. This basis was very unfavourable for the forthcoming commissioning and future maintenance.

Our solution

In the first step, we implemented a new turbine structure for the wind park in accordance with the international standard IEC 81346. In doing so, we used the common identification system RDS-PP.

In a second step, we classified all 90,000 documents individually according to the international standard IEC 61355 and assigned them to the newly created plant structure.

Advantages for the client

The result was a structured document management system that enables the customer to quickly and easily locate any desired document (data sheet, circuit diagram, operating instructions …) at any time.

At the same time, empty spaces (missing documents) are seen immediately. A completeness check not only provides a better overall view but also legal certainty, as the customer is able to see straight away which legally required documents are still missing.

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