Mobile activation management for BASF Ludwigshafen Power Plant North


We developed a uniform system for the customer that enables transparent yet rapid changes to flowcharts and mobile activation with the tablet.

Transparent activation management with added mobile value


BASF Ludwigshafen North Power Plant


Output position

The customer was using a patchy and non-uniform storage structure in their SAP-PM. For example, the flowcharts for the system were partly digital, partly analog in paper form. This meant that changes to flowcharts could only be implemented with difficulty. In addition, there was no uniform marking of the system components. The on-site classification was also very rudimentary. Activation procedures were elaborately planned in Excel and processed and documented using paper forms.

Our solution

In the first step we developed a uniform identification system within the plant.
In the second step, we standardized all flowcharts in CAD format.
In the third step, we compared the flowcharts with the current condition of the plant (incl. identification of the components).
In step four, we set up a neat and structured database with reference to the individual flow diagrams.
In step five, we installed an identification system with integrated RFID tags on site.
In the sixth step, the SAP database was compared and cleaned up.
In the end, we developed an activation module for the digital handling of the activation processes and the work preparation including mobile tablet application.

Advantages for the client

The customer received a uniform system, facilitating a rapid change of flowcharts and a transparent processing of activation.
In addition, the system can be used on mobile tablets with RFID interfaces. The tablet recognizes on site the system component that the user is using and enables the activation process to be initiated.
The newly created uniform identification system also increases security during the processing of activation in the system.

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