Technical documentation in plant engineering

Technical documentation summarises information on machines and systems. At the Menger Group you can find out everything important about this topic.

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Provide information and create legal certainty

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Technical documentation summarises information about a machine, a system or another technical product. On the one hand, this is done internally, for example for quality assurance and to create legal certainty. External technical documentation, on the other hand, makes it possible to provide users with all the information relevant to them. The Menger Group presents the tasks and requirements of technical documentation in more detail, especially in plant engineering.

The technical documentation summarises all important information

According to its definition, technical documentation comprises all documents that are generated during the entire life cycle of a specific technical product. It can be divided into two sub-areas:

  • The internal technical documentation, which includes all documents on planning, development, design, sales, etc. for a specific technical product.
  • External technical documentation, which includes, for example, product manuals, installation, maintenance or service instructions.

Regardless of the type of technical product, technical documentation is of great importance in plant engineering. On the one hand, it enables the user of the product to use it for its intended purpose and to derive the greatest possible benefit from it. On the other hand, it also creates legal certainty for the manufacturer who, in the event of damage due to improper use, can point out that he has informed the user in accordance with the applicable regulations. In this way, technical documentation also serves risk management by preventing operating errors and the like.

However, technical documentation is particularly important in plant and mechanical engineering. This is because highly complex products are used here, the faulty operation, maintenance or servicing of which would have serious and expensive consequences. At the same time, the ever more complex machines and systems make the creation of classic technical documentation more difficult, since information is available in a quantity that is hardly manageable for humans. The use of document management systems and thus of software solutions that open up new possibilities for technical documentation is therefore becoming increasingly important.

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We help to optimise the technical documentation in your company

Increasingly complex machines and systems place ever higher demands on technical documentation. In our magazine articles, you can find out what tasks it has to fulfil, which standards and guidelines apply and how software tools help to optimise technical documentation in Industry 4.0.

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The Menger Group has specialised in document management systems (DMS) as well as the closely related task areas of technical documentation and maintenance. With this portfolio, we offer complete solutions for Industry 4.0 and plant engineering. If you would like to make your company fit for the future, please contact us! We will be happy to advise you on the requirements and take care of both the planning and the set-up of the individually tailored software solutions. Contact us!